Feeling heavy or like you need a system reboot? Try a juice fast!

A juice fast is a form of therapeutic fasting. It is essentially like going on a food vacation. By consuming only liquid, your intestines have much less work to do thus giving your body the opportunity to focus more energy on ridding itself of unwanted toxins.

Juices contain nutrients that are highly concentrated which allow your body to easily and quickly absorb everything. As the juice is prepared, much of the fiber is stripped from the fruits and vegetables so the nutrients and antioxidants go immediately into your bloodstream.

If you’ve never done a fast before, I suggest you plan accordingly.

  • Choose a 2-4 day fast of 3-4 juices/day.
  • For at least two (2) days prior, it’s important to increase your liquid intake and decrease your solid food intake; you don’t want to startle your system.
  • Plan to also consume water (if possible, add lemon and ginger), herbal teas and/or coconut water.
  • If you choose to eat solids as well, be intermittent/only between noon and 4 p.m. These meals should be broth, fruits, nuts and/or salad.
  • Drink each juice slowly. The last one you drink each evening should be the highest sugar content so you feel satiated for the entire evening.
  • It is highly recommended to stay away from food preparation as your stomach will turn. Our body is programmed to crave food upon smelling distinct odors.

Juice Fast Benefits?

Some benefits of a juice fast include an immunity and metabolism boost, more energy; glowing skin; the BEST sleep of your life and the encouragement to consume fruits and vegetables you may have never even heard of before. Many of us eat for pleasure, not hunger. Through mindful fasting, we remove constant pleasure and expose the emotions we tend to mask with these habits.

Please keep in mind I am not a medical practitioner but rather someone who deals with colitis and researched and completed fasts of this nature with much success. What I’ve outlined worked for me as well as over a dozen of Keep Well’s committed consumers. Not suitable for everyone. It is not recommended for anyone with an eating disorder, diabetes, or heart disease.

You will probably feel light-headed around the 30-hr mark. You may experience headaches, tiredness, and/or shivers.

Your positivity, can-do attitude and willpower are essential in completing this fast. I suggest doing it during a period of busy as the distraction is über helpful. Afterwards, you must not overburden the body with fatty foods rather transition into light and gentle meals such as steamed vegetables, applesauce, and/or broth.

While you can definitely use a juice fast to jumpstart your health journey, you cannot erase a year of bad practices with a 3-4 day fast. Juicing unfortunately is not an overnight solution. You must commit to continually put in the effort for accomplishing your wellness goals. If you’d like, during your consultation, we can put together a post-cleanse check-list curtailed to your lifestyle.

I wish you success on this part of your health journey; I am available to answer any questions/concerns.

Keep Well’s juice fasts are cold-pressed solely on Sundays.

All juice fast orders must be made and paid in full (by credit or debit card only) the previous Friday evening. Logistics (pick-up or $6 delivery) will be solidified that evening as well.

Instead of 12 oz bottles, we’re now utilizing 32 oz. glass Ball jars that can either be purchased or returned to Keep Well to be sanitized and reused for the following weeks’ round of fasts. [***if arrangements have not been made or the jars are not returned by the Saturday of that week, you will be automatically charged for the cost of each jar***].

Each day will consist of two jars: 24 oz. of one juice flavor and 24 oz. of another juice flavor plus 12 oz. of the evening juice (contain nuts and a bit more sugar to satiate you through the night).

Although Keep Well has an extensive list of juice options, we’ll continue to utilize the fruits and vegetables that are in season. And we always take allergies or true distaste into account. Catering solely to “your” palate is basically counterproductive with this cold-press, however we’ll try to make sensible accommodations if necessary!

1 day, 4 juices = $36
2 days, 8 juices = $72
3 days, 12 juices = $98 – SAVE $10
4 days, 16 juices = $120 – SAVE $24
Prices subject to change at any time.

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