When life threw her a curveball, Jamie Heenan chose to face it all head-on and implement some drastic changes. At what had been the lowest point of her life, Heenan’s personal and professional stresses began to attack her physical health with migraines, skin conditions, colitis, and IBS symptoms.

She was the definition of unhealthy: a smoker and overeater, coping with alcohol and completely lacking mindfulness. This was not the example Jamie wanted to set for her daughter. She set out on a health journey that changed her life.

Over the course of two years, Heenan quit smoking and dove into nutrition. She studied minerals and herbs, their correlation to feeding disease, and the link between mind & gut. This fascination lead to growing her own fruits, herbs, and vegetables and juicing. Beyond that, Jamie fasted, followed an alkaline diet, trained with a professional boxer, and ultimately lost 35 pounds. 

Through those two years, Heenan realized that most people have a programmed idea of what “healthy” is, and she remains passionate about sharing her experiences and knowledge.


Although things were progressing professionally, she had a desire to find an alternative to the corporate world. She sought out the Small Business Development Center at the University of Scranton, her alma mater, completed the Women’s Entrepreneurial Center course, and set out to open her own cafe/shop. Upon a random stroll through Steamtown, she ran into a past associate, The Kimchi Dude, who was locally famous for his vegan meals and in the market to sell his restaurant equipment.

Organically, her business idea became a reality. Within 6 months, Keep Well was birthed, supplies were purchased and Heenan moved into the space at the Marketplace at Steamtown.

Heenan’s intent is to keep those well and inspire others to make healthier choices.

Keep Well is Jamie’s passion. She hopes to expand her business to spread nutrition and mindfulness throughout Northeast Pennsylvania.

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